Correct tone.

Correct tone.

Do you consistently battle with acne, dark pigmentation, redness, or an uneven complexion? Then get even with these solutions to add clarity to your complexion!

Photorejuvenation Chemical Peel

Photorejuvenation BBL™ by Sciton

Even coloration is the #1 visual sign of skin's youth. Restore it with BBL photorejuvenation! This treatment uses broad band light (BBL) to target and eliminate dark spots as well as shut down the tiny vessels that contribute to facial redness. Dark spots absorb this light and over the next several days get darker, eventually flaking off. The end result? Clear, luminous skin with a uniform complexion! Most patients see dramatic improvement in just one treatment. If your pigment or redness is significant, you may need a series of three or more treatments. BBL can yield a dramatic improvement in the overall health and vitality of your skin. It is fantastic on chest, shoulders, and hands as well. Undo what the sun has done with BBL!

It is imperative you are not tan or using any prescriptions that cause sensitivity to sunlight. For at least a week before your treatment, it is important you refrain from using strong topicals such as retinol, hydroquinones, or glycolic acid. If you frequently suffer from cold sores, we will prescribe you a medication to take before, during, and after your treatment to prevent an outbreak.

A consultation is required before treatment to ensure you are a suitable candidate, you prep your skin properly, and you understand post care and downtime. Treatment is preformed by a licensed aesthetician or RN who is also a certified laser technician. First we cleanse your skin and apply a topical cooling gel. You will feel a series of small snaps and sense a bright flash of light as your provider moves the laser over your skin. The sensation of BBL is often compared to a quick snap of a rubber band. You may find the area around the nose will be more sensitive. Don't worry! Your provider will take their time and pay attention to your comfort level.

Immediately following treatment and for the next couple of days, it will seem like you have a sunburn. You may also notice that dark spots look darker. This is a good sign, and those spots will flake off within 10 days. Do not pick at these areas! If the focus was to treat redness/vessels, you may notice some slight welts and tenderness. These symptoms should subside in a few days, and the vessels that were once there should be drastically reduced or completely gone! (The Sciton Clearscan laser may also be used). Your skin will be sensitive so avoid direct sunlight until fully healed. Daily SPF is recommended to protect and enhance the longevity of the results.

Within two weeks you will have brighter, smoother skin! You may even notice a reduction in pore size, acne breakouts, and fine lines. Most patients see dramatic improvement in just one treatment. If your pigment or redness is significant, you may need a series of three treatments.

Treatments range from 5 to 45 minutes and can be scheduled as close as two weeks apart. BBL is a great procedure to do as a part of a yearly maintenance protocol. If you have an active outdoor lifestyle in the summer, it may be best to schedule a BBL treatment in the fall or winter.

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  • Great For:
  • Brown Spots
  • Sun Damage
  • Rosacea
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Treatments Start At:
  • $225-1,225
  • Receive $100 off BBL treatments with the Contour Clinic membership program

Chemical Peel

Meet your skin's biggest allies in progressively treating pigmentation, acne, fine lines, and rough texture! How do chemical peels work? They create a chemical reaction on the skin's surface causing the damaged cells to detach. Overtime, this lifts unwanted pigment, softens fine lines, and destroys acne causing bacteria! You'll work with one of our licensed aestheticians to custom tailor a peel program for your skin and its concerns. Because normal skin naturally exfoliates only one time per month, we always recommend a series of peels for optimal results. Join our Contour Complete membership, which includes a monthly maintenance peel to keep your skin glowing!

Your aesthetician will customize your peel or peel series to fit your desired downtime, price point, and skin concern. They will also tell you how to prep your skin for the peel and care for it afterwards. We have found that skin that is properly prepped gets dramatically better results.

On the day of your treatment, we cleanse your skin first, then apply the peel. We may apply one layer or several, depending on the desired outcome. It may feel like a light tingling or a mild sunburn, but this will subside within minutes.

Many patients love the way their skin looks immediately after a peel — fresh, dewy, and hydrated! Flaking typically starts two days after treatment. With some peels you may not even notice flaking, and with other peels it will be dramatic!

It is a good idea to schedule a peel on a Wednesday or Thursday so the exfoliation is complete by Monday. While results can be seen with one peel, a series of peels will yield a more dramatic improvement. Treatments take about 30 minutes and can be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart.

If you are a minimalist, a series of chemical peels quarterly along with sophisticated home care regime is a great skin care strategy!

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  • Great For:
  • Sun Damage
  • Acne
  • Clogged Pores
  • Dry Skin
  • Treatments Start At:
  • $155+
  • $100+ chemical peels with the Contour Clinic membership program
Chemical Peel Chemical Peel Chemical Peel

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