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Long Lasting, Beautiful Results - the Natural "Liquid Lift"

Sculptra Aesthetic is the only injectable product (collagen stimulator) that gives you subtle results over time by replacing lost collagen and restoring diminished volume. Sculptra (poly-l-lactic acid) stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new, natural collagen, working differently than dermal filler products that are injected to fill the area temporarily.

See Contour Clinic's Yone Tierney and Dr. Dave discuss Sculptra on Twin Cities Live, April 2013

Sculptra Aesthetic involves an average of three injection sessions over a few months, and the results of treatment last an average of two years.

Often used in combination with our other dermal fillers to complete a liquid lift, Sculptra therapy provides the beautiful touch of lasting repair, and dermal filler options such as Juvederm and Restylane offer immediate correction and enhancement.

How much does Sculptra cost?

Contour Clinic Sculptra pricing is $900 per 10cc vial.

Sculptra Aesthetic Benefits:

  • Replacing volume to cheek and temple area, providing structure to keep face uplifted
  • Restoring full jaw line structure to reduce drooping appearance and offering more projection to chin
  • Softening deep folds around nose to mouth, and mouth to chin (nasolabial folds and marionette lines)
  • Restoring and lifting brow area to open eye area,  support and smooth heavy brow line.

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Why Choose Sculptra Aesthetic?

The aging process brings a progressive loss of skin volume, caused by a range of different factors. The dermis can become thinner, flatter, and lose its structural integrity. Fat loss and fat redistribution occur and radically change a person's appearance, causing hollowness, wrinkles, folds, and other contour deficiencies.

When Will I See Results from Sculptra Aesthetic?

Treatment results with Sculptra will be gradual. Some patients start seeing subtle results within 4-6 weeks of the first session, but most often results will become more noticeable over the first few months.

What Do I Do After Two Years if I Like the Results of Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra stimulates your own collagen growth. As we all know, aging never stops, and you may find that you need a follow-up session after a few years. Commonly, less product is needed to maintain the ongoing results of therapy.

Why Would I Choose Sculptra Aesthetic Treatments at Contour Clinic?

Our injection specialists have spent years with Sculptra Therapy treatment, and we boast about their success and significant experience with full-facial rejuvenation. A consultation is available at any time to learn more about Sculptra Therapy.

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