Treatments in Tandem

Treatments in Tandem

Spread the word... these powerhouse duos to get on the fast track to enhanced results.

Laser NeckLift + Liquid FaceLift

Looking for a complete "shoulders up" rejuvenation? This combo is it! Tighten up a sagging neck and jawline with a laser necklift and return weeks later for a Liquid FaceLift to restore volume, lift, and contour from the chin up! You can also opt to have a PRP/Vampire FaceLift upon your return for triple the results!

CoolSculpting + SmartLipo

A magic combination for true body transformation! Start your journey with a comprehensive CoolSculpting strategy to debulk areas such as the abdomen, bra fat, and arms. Once you see full results from your CoolSculpting, you'll continue with SmartLipo to contour and tighten the area you had treated for an amazing slimdown!

CoolSculpting + Cellulaze

Get out your short shorts! The CoolSmooth applicator from CoolSculpting is the answer to stubborn outer thigh fat. Weeks after you debulk your saddlebags with fat freezing, you'll move onto Celluaze to rid your new thighs of any cellulite. The result? Thinner, smoother, and tighter upper thighs! We'll raise or Daisy Dukes to that!

Cellulaze + SmartLipo

If you are plagued by stubborn pockets of fat or thickness throughout your entire thighs and hip area? Try combining these two technologies throughout the course of a year. Start with SmartLipo to remove excess fat and contour the thigh area. Return at a later appointment for your Cellulaze treatment to ensure a completely smooth and cellulite free pair of "gams"!

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