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Do you wish your waistline was more whittled, your neck was tighter, or your thighs more slender? Reshape your body and with these contouring treatments!

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Contour Clinic - CoolSculpting at Contour Clinic

CoolSculpting™ by Zeltiq

Get rid of stubborn fat with CoolSculpting, the #1 treatment in the world for permanent fat reduction! Reshape your waistline, reduce the flab on your arms, abolish annoying bra fat, and slim down your thighs with this state-of-the-art fat freezing technology. 20-25% of fat in an area is reduced with every treatment!

The CoolSculpting Treatment Process at our Minneapolis Area Medspa Clinics

A cool gel pad protects your skin from the cooling plates while gentle suction draws your tissue into the hand piece. You may feel a little discomfort from the cold and light squeezing. Most patients are completely numb and comfortable within 10 minutes. A treatment lasts one to two hours (depending on the area). Then we massage the treated area for a few minutes. This may be slightly uncomfortable but will quickly pass. For a greater and faster fat reduction, you may opt to treat the same area twice in one visit.

If you are doing multiple treatments or multiple areas, you may be with us much of the day. We set you up in a relaxing suite which has a plasma TV loaded with Netflix, soft pillows, cozy blankets, yummy snacks, and ample beverages.

You can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment; however, the area may be tender and slightly swollen for up to two weeks. You may have slight bruising, light nerve pain, and even some itchiness. Some patients opt to purchase compression garments to wear after their treatments because they can offer some comfort. We can also prescribe a medication to dull some of the nerve pain that's common for a few days after treatment.

Over the next few weeks your body's lymphatic system removes the destroyed fat cell. You may begin to see results after three weeks, but optimal results will be visible after 12 weeks.

If you do not double-stack and wish to retreat an area, you can schedule your next treatment in three weeks. Depending on the area treated, it may take up to four treatments to see a full correction. Every “body” is different, that's why we strongly encourage you to map out a plan that fits your lifestyle during your initial consultation.

Learn more about CoolSculpting.


great for:

abdominal fat

love handles

inner & outer thighs

back fat

often used with:


treatments start at:


$499+ with the Contour Clinic membership program

Smartlipo™ by CynoSure

Reshape your body. Reshape your life. Smartlipo laser contouring is a minimally invasive, laser-assisted lipolysis procedure that targets trouble spots like the abdomen, thighs, and neck. It permanently eliminates fat while tightening excess skin. Embrace the curves you want, and ditch the ones you don’t!


great for:

love handles


muffin top

loose skin on neck

treatments start at:


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Use your body's own blood and growth factors to stimulate healing. When you have an injury to your soft tissue, your body naturally sends platelets to the area. PRP treatments direct platelets to the specific areas you would like to improve. The platelets release growth factors that increase the production of collagen, stimulate blood flow, and revive cartilage.

The Vampire Breast Lift® is a wonderful non-surgical option if you are looking for a fuller, firmer appearance and not a dramatic change.
Learn more about the Vampire Breast Lift.

The Vampire Nipple Lift® can restore sensation to the nipple and areola which may have been lost due to breastfeeding, implants, or other breast augmentations.
Learn more about the Vampire Nipple Lift.

The O-Shot® is used to enhance sexual arousal and treat urinary incontinence.
Learn more about the O-Shot.

The P-Shot® is used to enhance sexual arousal and treat erectile dysfunction.
Learn more about the P-Shot.

Outside of the few initial pin pricks and having your blood drawn, these treatments are surprisingly comfortable.

Learn more about PRP therapy at our Minneapolis medspa clinics.

great for:

drooping breasts

thinning hair

sexual enhancement

often used with:







treatments start at:

$1,200 for vampire facelift

$1,100 for vampire facelift with the Contour Clinic membership program

$1,500 for o-shot

$1,400 for o-shot with the Contour Clinic membership program

$1,600 for p-shot

$1,500 for PRP with Juvederm

$1,650 for PRP with Voluma

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RELAX WRINKLES: Botox + Dysport + Xeomin
RESTORE VOLUME: Juvederm + Voluma + Sculptra + Vampire Facelift
RECLAIM LIFT: Exilis + Necklift + InstaLift + Kybella + PRP
RESURFACE: Sciton ProFractional + SkinPen + Bellafill
CORRECT TONE: Photorejuvenation BBL + Chemical Peel
SOFTEN, SMOOTH + HYDRATE: HydraFacial + Physician Grade Skincare

CONTOUR: CoolSculpting + Smartlipo + PRP
REDUCE HAIR: Laser Hair Removal

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